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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I send more footage than specified.

Please do not send more footage than specified. Basic - 15 minutes; Standard - 30 minutes and Premium - 45 minutes. More footage means more deliver time and more work. I would need to send you a custom quote.


2. What is the need to contact you?

Every project is different so discussion before ordering helps us to decide the price and delivery time.


3. How to share my footage with you?

Please upload your files to Google Drive/DropBox/WeTransfer and then copy and message me the link.


4. Can you provide music for my video?

Music is included in my packages.


5. What happens if I don't like the video?

I always offer some free revisions. If you would like to change something, we will make those changes so you can be happy with the result.

6. Can you provide stock footage for my videos?

Yes, I can provide suitable stock footage for your project from my limited library. Please contact me before ordering to discuss if I can provide you with the footage you're looking for.

7. How to check the total duration of the clips.

Add all the clips in a play list in VLC player. On top left you can find the total duration of all the clips

8. How can I send my footage to you?

Put all the clips in a folder. Right click and compress the folder to make a zip file. Right click check info or properties to see the file size. Different file sharing websites have different free file size limits. Here are the URLs of some of them with free limits. Accordingly you can choose.

Upto 02 GB -

Upto 02 GB -

Upto 04 GB -

Upto 05 GB -

Upto 05 GB -  

Upto 10 GB -

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